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Photography has always been my deepest passion.
I believe the perfect photograph can deliver a strong message,
without the presense of language.
I fell in love when I was in pursuit of my architecture degree.
My first lesson,
in a second-hand camera shop,
in my hometown Hanoi.
It was the owner,
an old photojournalist,
who gifted me the lesson which would lead me on my long journey of exploration in this world.
I can still remember how it felt to walk around Hanoi,
with my SLR in hand,
capturing everyday life.
He helped to take away the uneasy feeling that everything was changing all around me.
The truth is,
The future will come.
In the next
I am now a husband and father.
Hawai`i has welcome our family.
Has become our adopted home.
It thrills me to see my daughter grow up so fast.
It floored me when my grandfather passed away.
The photographs that hang on my walls remind me of where I've been,
And where I'm headed.
They remind me that good times are meant to be celebrated with joy and laughter,
and that bad times are certain, but will pass like the waves, along the shore.
They remind me to take time to stop,
To capture what is in front of us.
Because time will not wait.
I can help you do the same.
P.s. Thanks to my friend Ray Chung for transforming my boring paragraphs to this awesome poem!